NEW Album

Ingenious Cacophonies

The previous release entitled 'Antediluvian Euphonies' is getting a spiritual successor. 2020 will be the year of a new era of progressive music, with the long awaited album by the Canadian Prog Group 'Benjamin's Kite'. 'Ingenious Cacophonies' will feature compositions that range from the very beginning in 1983 to recent compositions from 2019. All recording has been completed and the exact release date is not yet confirmed given the COVID-19 outbreak. The album features Robbie Brennan on Vocals and Guitars, Bryan Vamos on Keyboards and Vocals, Robert Leader, Zoltan Vamos, and Peter Szewc on Drums, Marc Mongrain on Bass, and Robin Habermehl on Flutes and Saxophones.

- Zoltan Vamos